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Brazilian wonder player William exits Chelsea to agree on a three-year-contract to join Arsenal

11:15:54 am
by admin August 16th, 2020

Willian Borges da Silva popularly known by his first name william has confirmed his exit from Chelsea in an open letter to the club's fans to join Arsenal on a three year contract.

William was born August 9,1988 at Ribeiro pires in Brazil.

The 32 year old player joined Stamford bridge from Russian team Anzhi makhachkala in 2013. He has appeared in 339 matches, banked 63 goals and 62 assists. He has also won 2 Premier league titles, FA cup, League cup and Europa league for the club.

Having achieved alot with the team the player thinks it's best if he left the club to join Gunners on a three-year-contract after rejecting a two-year-contract extension of from Chelsea.

The Brazilian international player's contract expires at the end of August 2020 with the London side club Chelsea fc.

The Brazilian winger announced on his 32nd birthday that he will depart the Stamford Bridge club and took to social media to say his farewell.

They were seven wonderful years. In August 2013 when I received the offer from Chelsea I was convinced that this was where I had to play. Today I am certain that it was the best of decisions. There were so many happy times, some sad, there trophies and it was always very intense.

“Yet beyond trophies, I learn a lot about myself. I developed a great deal becoming a better player and a better person. With each training session, with each game, with every minute spent in the dressing room, I was always learning.

“I am really grateful to the Chelsea fans for the affectionate way they welcomed me at Stamford Bridge and their support throughout my time at the club. There was also criticism, which is normal, what is important though is that both the affection and criticism drove me to always give my all in every training session, every game, to be constantly improving until my very last minute in a Chelsea shirt.

“The time has now come to move on. I am certainly going to miss my teammates. I will miss all the staff at the club who’ve always trated me like a son and I will miss the fans. I leave with my head held high, safe in the knowledge that I won things here and always did my best in a Chelsea shirt!

“My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you and God bless you!

Meanwhile, Gunners is close to agreeing a two year contract extension for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Arsenal also are linked with signing of 22-year-old Brazilian defender Gabriel Magalhães from Lille.